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UCLA Prepared for One-Day Clerical Strike

Teamsters Local 2010, which is negotiating with the University of California for a collective bargaining agreement for approximately 11,600 clerical and administrative support workers throughout the UC system, including 3,500 workers at UCLA, has announced a unit strike to be held at UCLA and at UCLA Health facilities in Westwood and Santa Monica on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017. The UC has been negotiating with Teamsters for a new contract since April 2016.

In anticipation of this strike, UCLA and UCLA Health have developed plans that will allow the campus and all facilities within its medical enterprise to remain open.

UCLA respects the contributions of its workers and shares in their desire to come to an agreement on a fair and competitive contract in the near future. This resolution, however, will only be achieved if both parties engage in respectful and productive dialogue at the bargaining table.

Please refer to this page for further updates.

Clerical Strike Statement from UCLA Health
UCLA Health’s first priority is to provide patients with safe, high-quality medical care. In anticipation of a strike, UCLA Health has a plan to ensure that our hospitals and clinics remain open and fully operational and continue to serve the medical needs of our patients and the community.

Statement from the University of California Office of the President
We are still bargaining with the Teamsters, and under California law, while negotiations continue, a strike is presumed to be unlawful. A strike is also counterproductive to negotiations.

We are offering our clerical employees guaranteed, market-competitive wage increases, good benefits and stability. UC’s
offer carries an average pay raise of 18 percent over the next six years as well as excellent health care benefits and retirement options, including a traditional pension plan that very few other employers offer. In bargaining this weekend, UC offered each
Teamsters clerical employee an additional $1,200 as a ratification bonus, to be paid out over the life of the contract.

UC clerical employees earn an annual average salary of $47,300 — more than the state average of roughly $39,200 for clerical
workers. These UC employees typically pay just $384 a year for health insurance for themselves and their children. By comparison, the average American worker typically pays over $5,200 for less generous health coverage — and that’s just for themselves.

Our proposed wage increases ensure that pay for our clerical staff stays market-competitive, and they are consistent with
increases given to other UC represented and non-represented employees.

We believe our proposals fairly recognize the skills and contributions of our clerical staff. We urge Teamsters leadership to finalize a new contract without further delay.

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