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Update on Teamsters Local 2010 Negotiations

Negotiations between UCLA and Teamsters Local 2010 over a new Skilled Trades’ contract continued on September 21, 2016. Although the first three sessions resulted in a number of agreements, progress stalled as the parties reached agreement on only three appendices during the most recent bargaining session. The parties remain far apart on a number of matters, particularly those Teamsters Local 2010 had introduced which would impair UCLA’s operations at great expense. Moreover, Teamsters Local 2010 did not offer substantive counter proposals to UCLA’s proposals regarding significant matters such as discipline, grievance, arbitration, and work rules.

It has been especially challenging for the parties to get closer to an agreement on a realistic wage offer. In response to UCLA’s wage proposal – 6% following ratification, as well as 2% in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 – Teamsters Local 2010 countered with a proposal only nominally different from its first one. The union once again proposed a 40.78% wage increase (20.39% of which would be a one-time lump sum) once the contract is ratified. This time, however, Teamsters Local 2010 proposed a 6% raise in 2017, followed by 5% raises in 2018 and 2019 (as opposed to 6% each year as previously proposed). Such a wage proposal is significantly more costly than other proposals received by the University in other bargaining units.

On September 21, 2016,UCLA also learned for the first time at the bargaining table that Teamsters Local 2010 has filed an unfair practice charge with the Public Employment Relations Board. The charge alleges UCLA attempted to prevent bargaining unit employees from rallying at the residence halls during Move-In Day by telling employees to avoid the area for several weeks. The actual facts are stated in the attached letter, which explains that because of the tumult caused by Move-In Day, UCLA needed to ensure that employees would not find themselves caught in traffic or waiting in lengthy food-service lines.

Although it is disappointing that the union did not communicate their concerns to UCLA before filing the charge, UCLA remains committed to reaching an agreement with Teamsters Local 2010 soon, and will continue to work in good faith towards reaching a fair contract. 

For questions, please contact Michael Simidjian at or (310) 794-0860.

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