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New Employee Orientation

All new employees are required to attend New Employee Orientation (NEO) as soon as possible following their date of hire or their benefits eligibility date.

Three entities at UCLA provide New Employee Orientations.  Which NEO a new employee attends depends on what division/department the employee will be working for. Please refer to the bullets below to learn more about the specific orientations:

Live online NEOs are held by CHR L&OD on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, and a self-paced online NEO is available 24/7 via the UC Learning Center (

The New Employee Orientation provides new hires with valuable information about the University and the services and programs available. Topics covered include:

  • An overview and brief history of the University of California
  • Why UCLA is such a dynamic place to work
  • Workplace protections and responsibilities
  • Career opportunities available
  • The “benefits of belonging” to UCLA
  • University health and welfare options
  • Disability benefits and retirement programs

Benefits Orientation
The Benefits Orientation is delivered by UCPath and is separate from L&OD’s New Employee Orientation described above. It provides key information about the various health and welfare benefits available and walks you through the important—and time-sensitive—benefits decisions you'll make as a UCLA employee. Eligible employees must sign up for health insurance and disability benefits programs within their period of initial eligibility (PIE), which is 31 days from the date they become eligible for benefits, regardless of when they attend a New Employee Orientation. Departments should provide new employees with a "Your Group Insurance Plans" brochure.  The Benefits Orientation is attended in one of two ways, via a live webinar or a pre-recorded webinar.  Details about accessing these options can be found here:


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