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2021 Staff Enrichment Program

Deans, Directors, Department Chairs and Administrative Officers

Dear Colleagues:

Campus Human Resources is pleased to announce recruitment for the 2021 Staff Enrichment Program (SEP), celebrating its 42nd year in January. This highly successful, one-year program is designed to foster career development and provide skill-building opportunities for staff in administrative support positions.

Key program tools include the following:

  • Capstone project that provides opportunities for professional growth;
  • Monthly workshops on skill development and career enhancement;
  • Individual career coaching to create professional development plans for success;
  • Assignments designed to apply the skills and tools taught during monthly workshops;
  • Networking with program alumni and campus affiliate; and
  • Group presentations to enhance public speaking skills.

Departmental support is required in order to provide release time for participants in the program, averaging approximately 10-12 hours per month. During the year, close communication is maintained among participants, their supervisors, and program staff to ensure that development activities remain consistent with department needs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, program activities will take place virtually, with the possibility of resuming in-person events and workshops when appropriate in the future.

The Staff Enrichment Program is available to career employees who meet the following criteria:

  • UCLA career employee with at least one year of service;
  • Payroll title of Administrative Specialist (and equivalent titles) or below;
  • A rating of “Meets Expectations” (or better) on the most current performance evaluation;
  • Departmental support for participation (direct supervisor and department head); and
  • Selected participants must have access to Zoom.

For the complete list of SEP requirements, please visit the Staff Enrichment Program page.

We encourage you to identify eligible staff members who might benefit from this investment in developing their potential. The application for the 2021 program is due by Monday, September 14, 2020 and the program begins in January 2021. Links to the digital application items, as well as information about SEP, are available on the Staff Enrichment Program page.

For more information about the Staff Enrichment Program or the application process, contact our Staff Enrichment Program Manager, Kelsey Duff, at


Lubbe Levin
Associate Vice Chancellor
Campus Human Resources