The Administrative Management Group (AMG), in partnership with Campus Human Resources, gives out three awards in recognition of staff excellence. The EXCEL Award is designed to recognize an individual who demonstrates management excellence. The Rising Star Award will recognize a staff member who has the potential to make a positive impact throughout his/her career. The Distinguished Career Award will acknowledge an individual who is a proven leader and invaluable member of the UCLA and UC community.

Eligibility and Criteria


Staff, faculty and students may submit nominations. The Awards Committee will verify eligibility of all nominees. All nominations must include the nomination form, a nomination letter, an additional letter of recommendation from the nominee’s direct supervisor (if that person is not the nominator) and a resume. Up to five supporting letters are welcomed from faculty, colleagues, subordinates and students within or outside of the nominee’s department. It is recommended that all letters speak very specifically to the award criteria. Applications will be reviewed by the Awards Committee and then recommendations will be submitted to Associate Vice Chancellor Lubbe Levin for a final decision. 

Submission Instructions

Please make one PDF of the entire nomination packet (nomination form, nomination letter, direct supervisor letter if that person is not the nominator), resume and up to five optional letters of support.