How to Create an Online UCLA Employment Application & Apply to a Posting (English)


  1. Use the web address of:
  2. On the UCLA Career Opportunities page look at the menu on
     the left-hand side of the page. Click "Create Application."
  3. You will be asked to create a USER NAME and password.
  4. Once you have created a user name and password, you will be asked
    to create a question to help you remember your Password.
  5. After creating a username, password and question, you will then be able to create a UCLA Employment Application. The process begins when the first section of the application appears. The first section to appear will be "Personal Information." There are seven different sections in a UCLA Employment Application. Complete each section as it appears.
  6. Each time you complete a section, press the "Save" tab at the end of the page.
  7. After the page has been saved, press the "Save and continue to Next" tab. Note: Do not use the browser buttons such as "Back" or "Refresh." Use only the navigation button within the web page.
  8. The final section is entitled "Agreement." Be certain to certify that all the information on the application is correct by clicking the certification box.


You have now completed your UCLA Employment Application. 

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How to Apply to a UCLA Posting 

Before doing a job search, it is recommended that you complete a UCLA Employment Application or update your application. It is also helpful to have created a cover letter and resume in a Microsoft Word or PDF file prior to your job search. Some positions require additional documents beyond the UCLA Employment Application to complete the application process.

If you have created an application:

  1. Use the web address of:
  2. Press the yellow button "Search Jobs." You will see all the open positions at UCLA. These are not sorted by job type.
  3. To sort open positions by a specific type, scroll down the page to the bottom and a search mechanism will appear.
  4. The easiest way to search is by using Posting Category, although the other options are helpful.
  5. In the Posting Category field is an arrow - press it. A number of selections will appear. Highlight the category you are interested in. Then press the "Search" tab.
  6. When the jobs appear, each position will have a link in the Job Title column called "View." Click that.
  7. To apply for the position, click the tab bar "Apply for this Posting." If you have already created a UCLA Employment Application, your application will be automatically sent to the department.

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