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UCLA Procedure 2.210 - Jury Duty

I. Purpose and Scope

UCLA encourages employees to fulfill their civic, court-related obligations in accordance with University policy.

This procedure implements the UC PPSM-2.210 policy on Jury Duty, and applies to employees in the Professional & Support Staff (PSS) personnel program, Management & Senior Professional (MSP) program, and Senior Management Group (SMG).

II. Pay During Jury Service

     A. Exempt Employees

Exempt employees will continue to receive their University salary during required jury duty. However, exempt employees are expected to do what they reasonably can to maintain continuity of departmental operations while serving on jury duty (e.g., keeping in contact with supervisor, working evenings and weekends as needed).

     B. Non-Exempt Employees

Non-exempt career employees will receive pay for actual time spent on required jury duty and related travel time, not to exceed the pay for the employee’s normal work schedule.

Supervisors should attempt to redistribute workloads so that non-exempt employees are not asked to work additional hours after serving a full day of jury duty, except in urgent situations. If a non-exempt employee is asked to work additional hours after serving on jury duty, the employee will receive pay for hours worked, including overtime when required by law.

     C. Holidays

An employee who serves on required jury duty on a University holiday is eligible for holiday pay, but does not receive an alternate day off.

     D. Voluntary Jury Service

Employees who are eligible to receive pay during jury duty will do so only when summoned to required service. An employee who wishes to take time off from work to volunteer for jury or grand jury service, or other such civic activities, may request to use accrued vacation, PTO (if applicable), compensatory time off (CTO), and/or take unpaid personal leave.

III. Procedure

     A. Documentation of Jury Service

An employee summoned to required jury duty should provide a copy of the jury summons to their department in advance of their initial reporting date. Upon completion of jury service, the employee should provide to their department documentation from the court showing time served.

     B. Reporting to Work Following Jury Duty

Employees are required to report back to work as soon as possible after being released from jury duty, unless there are less than two (2) hours remaining in their scheduled workday – in which case, they should report to work on their next scheduled workday. Failure to report back to work in a timely manner may be considered an unexcused absence.