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Program Overview & Background

The HRITSO program includes the implementation of three new HR systems: the Bruin CHR Service Center, which will streamline the intake of HR requests to Campus Human Resources (CHR) and delivery of HR services to the campus community; JDXpert, a position description management system; and iCIMS Talent Cloud, a talent acquisition and applicant tracking system.

The program brings together multiple HR system modernization projects under a shared common vision. Previously, the HRPOC Ticketing System was launched in December 2021 as an interim solution. JDXpert subsequently kicked off efforts in February 2022 with iCIMS and Bruin CHR Service Center following suit in January 2023. 

Why is UCLA implementing new HR systems?

UCLA’s history of excellence and its position as the No. 1 public university in the nation have helped ensure that the university continues to employ a highly talented workforce. The growth of the employee population has since outpaced our current HR technology, resulting in the need to create more efficient processes and improve user experiences. The HRITSO program seeks to address this need by achieving two overarching goals and objectives:

  1. Replace PeopleAdmin, which will be discontinued by the vendor in 2024, and implement robust, user-friendly, and streamlined solutions that will modernize our position description management, job classification, and talent acquisition capabilities. 
  2. Implement the Bruin CHR Service Center to replace the current HRPOC ticketing system and streamline the intake of requests to Campus Human Resources and delivery of HR services to the campus community.

Collectively, these modern, robust systems will:

  • Optimize and automate processes related to requesting HR services, such as creating and managing position descriptions, as well as recruiting and hiring candidates
  • Provide built-in tools, resources, and institutional data to enable more efficient and effective completion of HR tasks 
  • Reduce the time needed to request HR services such as compensation actions, position descriptions, and talent acquisition actions 
  • Provide improved visibility into approval workflows and status
  • Allow department HR, hiring managers, and employees to focus less on manual tasks 
  • Enable CHR to provide more efficient HR services to the campus community