Disabilities & Reasonable Accommodation

UCLA has established nondiscrimination in employment policies and applicable complaint resolution procedures to ensure that applicants and employees are not subject to discrimination or harassment because of their disability.

If you feel that you have been discriminated against or harassed because of your disability status, and are interested in receiving assistance, or if you would like to file a complaint, read the Filing a Complaint article. If you are interested in filing a grievance under the provisions of PPSM (Personnel Policies for Staff Members), or a collective bargaining agreement, read about Filing a Grievance. If you are interested in resolving your issues through mediation or confidential counseling and coaching, read the Office of Ombuds Services page or Employee Counseling page. For more information regarding University’s Nondiscrimination policy, read the Nondiscrimination and Harassment article.

If you are injured on the job or experience a work-incurred illness, or if you would like more information about UCLA’s reasonable accommodation process, please contact the Office of Insurance and Risk Management. For more information about University services for individuals with disabilities, please visit the ADA & 504 Office webpage and the Disability Access Web page.

For additional information on University activities for individuals with disabilities, visit the Staff Affirmative Action Plan. For additional information on the University’s Nondiscrimination in Employment Policy, contact the Staff Diversity & AA/EEO Compliance Office at (310) 794-0691.

Additional Contact Information:

Office Name:Phone Number:
Office of Insurance & Risk Management(310) 794-6948
Employee Relations/Labor Relations(310) 794-0860 
Office of Ombuds Services:
Main Office
Center for Health Sciences Office
(310) 825-7627 
(310) 206-2427 
Staff and Faculty Counseling Center(310) 794-0245