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Discrimination & Harassment

To find out about the types of behavior that are prohibited by the University’s policies, click on the Nondiscrimination/Harassment link on the right side of the page. For additional information about the campus procedures for handling issues of sexual harassment, click on the Sexual Harassment related link located on the right.

Filing a Complaint

To receive assistance regarding discrimination or harassment, or to file a complaint regarding discrimination or harassment, click on Filing a Complaint related link on the right.

Filing a Grievance

For detailed information on filing a Grievance under the provisions of Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM), or a collective bargaining agreement, click on Filing a Grievance related link on the right.

Office of Ombuds Services & Employment Counseling

Resolving your issues through mediation or confidential counseling and coaching is another option available to you. To find out more, click on the Office of Ombuds Services or Employee Counseling related links on the right.

For additional information on the University’s Nondiscrimination in Employment Policy, contact the Staff Diversity & AA/EEO Compliance Office at 310-794-0691.

Additional Contact Information:

Office NamePhone Number:
Employee Relations/Labor Relations(310) 794-0860 
Office of Ombuds Services:
Main Office
Center for Health Sciences Office

(310) 825-7627 
(310) 206-2427
Staff and Faculty Counseling Center(310) 794-0245