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Volunteer Guidelines


Administrative Guidelines for the use of volunteers are designed to promote a productive, safe and mutually beneficial environment for UCLA volunteers, while helping sponsoring departments and unit heads set appropriate expectations and clarify roles and responsibilities.

UCLA’s renowned reputation as a premier teaching and research university attracts a plethora of volunteers, who provide services in many areas of campus. From the men and women who escort Medical Center visitors to their destinations to the docents who lead tours at UCLA’s many museums and gardens, volunteers are an important part of the University community.

For organizations planning to use volunteers or for those who are already benefiting from their skills, read through the guidelines to get a better understanding of the University’s approved policy on utilizing volunteer services.

The guidelines include helpful information such as:

  • Selection Criteria and Restrictions
  • Application and Assignment Procedures
  • Supervision and Management of Volunteers
  • Qualification for University Self-Insurance Coverage

Use the Administrative Guidelines as your key resource for information about using the services of UCLA volunteers. And be sure to complete the required forms for all volunteers in your department.

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