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Designing & Implementing a Successful Recruitment Strategy

Employment Services provides a variety of search related services. Whether you need assistance with a basic question or assistance with a comprehensive search, Employment Services will be able to assist you.

When planning your search, Employment Services can assist you with determining the scope of the overall recruitment. This includes reviewing the appropriate advertising options. For example, for many positions, advertising in the campus Career Opportunities Bulletin is enough to draw a qualified applicant pool; in other cases, a much wider search will be needed.

If a wider search is needed, your Employment Consultant will work with you to determine the most effective avenues to explore in order to obtain a highly qualified applicant pool. This may involve primary and secondary market research about publications, websites, and professional associations. Once you and your Employment Consultant have determined the best approach, your Employment Consultant will work with you to determine the best vehicles to promote your position. This may include positioning the job in the marketplace, writing ad copy, and facilitating a network of contacts.

An outside search firm may also be used to fill key positions. Employment Services maintains knowledge of a variety of contingency and retained search firms, along with each firm’s specialty and past experience with filling positions in higher education. We can advise you on how to work with a search firm for maximum efficiency. In fact, many internal clients report that having their Employment Consultant actively involved when a search firm is used has made the overall recruitment process more efficient and effective.

For any recruiting need, Employment Services will be happy to assist you.

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