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Designing & Implementing a Successful Selection Strategy

Employment Services can help you design a variety of evaluation tools so that you can make informed hiring decisions. We can assist you with developing your resume review criteria so that you can effectively screen resumes in deciding which candidates to interview. Other services include assisting you with the development of highly focused interview questions. In addition, your Employment Consultant can help you with assessment tools tailored to your specific selection process.

Working with a search committee or search panel presents a unique set of challenges to a smooth selection process. Your Employment Consultant can help you design a committee or panel process and assist in coordinating that process.

Checking references is often one of the most overlooked steps in the selection process. Employment Services can assist you with developing questions to elicit relevant and informative data from a candidate’s references. Your Employment Consultant can also coach you on how to approach references at all levels of an organization, along with how to go beyond standard answers that are commonly encountered in the reference checking process.

Interview and Selection training is available through the Campus Human Resources in-service training program. Your Employment Consultant can design specific employment related training for your needs in such areas as compliance, interviewing and selection, behavioral interviewing, job seeking/resume writing, and other employment-related skills. If you are interested in learning more about custom training, please contact your Employment Consultant who will work with you to develop and deliver a custom training program to meet your needs.

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