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In consultation with your Employment Consultant, you may have the need to use an outside search firm. Your Employment Consultant can recommend a qualified search firm based on your specific needs, and can assist you in framing the terms of the agreement for maximum value. The UCLA Purchasing Department will also need to review the agreement. Generally, there are two types of search firms: contingency firms and retained firms.

Contingency firms usually work for a percentage of the first year total cash compensation and generally focus on mid-level to lower level positions. Contingency firms, thus, do not receive any compensation for services unless they are successful in placing a candidate.

Retained firms work on a retainer basis; that is, there is an up-front fee that is paid whether or not the firm successfully fills a position. The fee is based on the anticipated salary of the position. Retained firms generally handle higher-level and executive-level positions.

In both cases, in addition to the professional fees noted above, additional charges will apply for items such as postage, telephone calls, and travel.

There can be legal considerations that can have a serious impact on your business operation with the use of search firms. It is, therefore, imperative that you consult with your Employment Consultant prior to engaging the services of a search firm.

Your Employment Consultant is available to assist you.

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