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Video Interviews

Campus Human Resources (CHR) holds a contract with a video interviewing partner which provides secure video interviewing services for campus hiring managers and committees.

 Some of the benefits of using this service include:

  • Participants log in through a UCLA-branded page.
  • Provides a secure server to maintain confidentiality over the Web.
  • One-way Interviews can eliminate scheduling issues with large committees.
  • Video interviews work on a variety of devices including smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers.
  • Out-of-area candidates can be interviewed from the privacy of their own home or office, which saves time, eliminates travel expenses and speeds up the hiring process.

CHR will facilitate the scheduling and set up for departments who wish to utilize this service.

Two methods of video interview are available:

  • One-Way Interview:  Candidates are provided a question on-screen, and then given a set amount of time to record a video response, which is later reviewed by the hiring manager and/or committee.  This is best for initial, or “first-round.” interview sessions.
  • Live Interview: Candidates and committee members connect for a real-time, interactive video interview session.

To help ensure that the candidate's experience is positive, we suggest that you allot a minimum of 45 to 60 minutes to interview the person (depending upon the position). A guide for supervisors and managers about using video interviews is in Related Information.

CHR Employment Services does not endorse or encourage the use of Skype or other insecure video chat services for interviewing purposes. 

If you wish to utilize video interviews, contact your Employment Consultant for more information.

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