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Other Personnel Policies, Programs & Initiatives

UCLA Blood Donation

In order to ensure a sufficient blood supply, UCLA provides eligible employees who donate blood at the UCLA Blood and Platelet Center with release time and administrative leave with pay. For more information, please see the link under Related Information.

UCLA Catastrophic Leave Program

The UCLA Campus Catastrophic Leave Program permits temporary salary and benefit continuation for a staff employee who accrues vacation and who has exhausted all paid leave credit to address circumstances such as:

  • A catastrophic illness or injury of an employee;
  • To care for a catastrophically ill or injured family member;
  • To deal with the death of a family member; or
  • To address a catastrophic casualty loss suffered due to a terrorist attack, fire, or natural disaster.

The Program allows employees to donate vacation leave to staff employees (or the central catastrophic leave bank) who do not have sufficient accumulated paid leave credits to meet a verifiable, catastrophic circumstance as noted above. While the Program establishes a mechanism for leave transfers, participation is entirely voluntary. Donations are anonymous, unless donors elect otherwise. More information about the program, an application form and a donation form are in Related Information.

UCLA Disabilities & Reasonable Accommodation

UCLA prohibits discrimination against or harassment of individuals with disabilities. Learn about the many University resources charged with providing a variety of accommodations and services by going to Related Information.

UCLA Lactation Accommodation Procedures

The University encourages and supports services and resources for maintaining employee job satisfaction and quality of life. As part of that continuing effort, UCLA has developed a campus-wide Lactation Accommodation Procedure to recognize the needs of employees who are nursing mothers. In compliance with state law, the major areas of the procedure address the following:

  • A reasonable amount of time should be provided for lactation accommodation and if possible, the lactation accommodation should coincide with the employee’s paid break time; and
  • A reasonable effort shall be made to provide the employee with the use of an office or other location in close proximity to the employee's work area so that the employee may have privacy.

UCLA Required Workplace Posters

These guidelines are intended to assist campus organizational units in meeting the University of California’s obligation to post notices required by state and federal law. Department heads are responsible for posting the notices where employees can see them in the normal course of business. Examples are break rooms, official bulletin boards and payroll and personnel offices.

UCLA Telecommuting Guidelines 

Department heads may approve telecommuting arrangements as an alternative work arrangement for individual employees where it is in the best interest of the University and the employee. The arrangements should be assessed prior to approval to ensure that operational needs and impact are taken into account. Telecommuting guidelines have been created to help managers, supervisors and employees develop telecommuting arrangements that are equitable, clearly understood by all parties and ensure minimal disruption to the organization. Managers, supervisors and employees are expected to follow these principles in establishing and approving telecommuting arrangements.

UCLA Volunteer Guidelines

Administrative Guidelines for the use of volunteers are designed to promote a productive, safe and mutually beneficial environment for UCLA volunteers, while helping sponsoring departments and unit heads set appropriate expectations and clarify roles and responsibilities.

UCLA’s renowned reputation as a premier teaching and research university attracts a plethora of volunteers, who provide services in many areas of campus. From the men and women who escort Medical Center visitors to their destinations to the docents who lead tours at UCLA’s many museums and gardens, volunteers are an important part of the University community.

UC Family and Medical Leave

Eligible employees may take Family and Medical Leave for one of the following purposes:

  • To care for the employee's child after birth or placement for adoption or foster care;
  • To care for the employee's spouse, domestic partner, child or parent who has a serious health condition;
  • For the employee's own serious health condition.

UC Supplement to Military Pay

Employees who are on military leave in support of the anti-terrorism and homeland defense campaigns resulting from the September 11, 2001, attacks are eligible for a supplement to their military pay to compensate them for the difference between their University pay and military pay. The supplement begins with your first day of unpaid military leave and will continue until the end of your active military commitment or until June 30, 2008, whichever comes first. For eligibility guidelines and application forms, see Related Information.


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