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How to Create Reference Check Questions

As a Hiring Officer, you have a duty to thoroughly check references on all candidates.

A quality reference check often includes a detailed conversation with a candidate’s former (and with permission, current) supervisor(s), as well as co-workers and subordinates, where applicable. These conversations are used to confirm information about the candidate’s job-related background, performance, perceived ability to perform in the position at UCLA, and to verify of the candidate’s statements about pay, titles, job duties, and performance. The questions asked should be generally the same for every candidate. Of course, depending on the reference, some questions or follow-up may be needed. A simple reference check guide is available.

Often overlooked is a check of the candidate’s educational background. Employment Services strongly encourages you to verify any and all educational claims.

If you find issues in the reference check process, your Employment Consultant is available to assist you in making a determination on how to proceed.

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