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How to Design Candidate Evaluation Tools

Your Employment Consultant is available to develop the best strategy for capturing your interview data in a meaningful form, and in a form that will enable you to make the best hiring decision.

Having great interview questions is not always enough. There has to be some way to compare each candidate’s background after the interview. That’s where your rating guide, test results, and other tools come into play.

The evaluation tool must capture the "results" of the item in question. For example, the interview questions ask directly about various aspects of the candidate’s background that are important to success on the job. The evaluation tool captures those answers, and either a qualitative or quantitative (or both) judgment is made about the relative strength or weakness of the answer.

A good evaluation tool should work to make the selection process very easy.

In addition, many campus departments desire tools to further evaluate an applicant’s or candidate’s experience. Employment law severely restricts the types and methods of tests that can be used in evaluating an applicant for employment. Your Employment Consultant can work with you to determine if testing is necessary and if so, how to structure any testing. Generally, all tests must be statistically valid and reliable in order to be used in an employment setting. Validating a test is a time consuming and very expensive process. However, for clerical positions, all of UCLA’s preferred temporary agency vendors make available, free of charge, the use of validated skills tests (e.g., MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, typing, filing, etc.) at their facilities.

Hiring departments may use supplemental applications to ask further, specific questions about an applicant’s past work experiences. In addition, if your position is designated as "critical," you will also need to do a background check for any candidate who is hired.

Your Employment Consultant should be consulted prior to using a supplemental application and/or if you have questions about designating a position as "critical."

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