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Below are the basic steps necessary for successful recruitment at UCLA. More information is always available from the Consulting Services section of the website and from your Employment Consultant. Please be sure to review campus Recruitment Procedures.

  1. Develop a job description for approved classification through Compensation Services.
  2. If you have a position that meets the "Exception to Recruitment" or the "Posting Waiver" criteria, please contact your Employment Consultant.
  3. Submit an Online Employment Requisition that is a summary of the duties and qualifications necessary for success in the position. The requisition should include any special employment considerations. Your Employment Consultant can assist you.
  4. In addition to UCLA Career Opportunities, you may wish to consider advertising your position outside of the campus. Once you have received applications, you will begin to evaluate applications, interview, check references, make the offer, and notify non-selected candidates of their status.

Your Employment Consultant is available to assist you.

Campus Human Resources, Employment Services
Phone: (310) 794-0890 | Fax: (310) 794-0895