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How to Use Applicant & Candidate Communications

Whenever possible, the receipt of an application should be acknowledged via email or regular mail. Your Employment Consultant is available to assist you with sample letters.

Interview appointments can be made via telephone. A confirmation email or letter to the candidate with specific directions to the interview location is helpful.

Applicants who are not selected to interview should be informed via email or letter.

Candidates who are not finalists should be notified via telephone, email or letter. A telephone call is usually more appropriate. Generally, specifics about why a particular applicant or candidate was not selected to move forward in the process are not provided to the applicant or candidate.

Candidates should provide a written list of references when asked.

Offers may be made verbally and should be confirmed in writing. At no time should any communication explicitly or implicitly imply any sort of contract (e.g., "You will have a long career at UCLA.").

Final candidates who have been interviewed but are not selected for the position should be notified by telephone or letter.

Your Employment Consultant is available to help you draft or to review your proposed employment related communications.

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