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How to Evaluate Your Applicant Pool

Once you have begun to receive resumes from any advertising (including the UCLA Career Opportunities Bulletin), the next step in the hiring process is to begin to evaluate the pool of applicants.

If layoff candidates have self-referred or have been referred to you, you must review their qualifications first in accordance with the applicable personnel policy or collective bargaining agreement. Contact Employee & Labor Relations for guidance.

All positions at UCLA have a closing date. You may continue to review application materials after the closing date, provided that all application materials received after the closing date are reviewed. Alternatively, you may choose not to review any materials received after the closing date. Preferential rehire applicants may express preference in the position until the position is filled and must be considered when preference is exercised (refer to Policy 60 and Procedure 60 in the PPSM and applicable sections of the various collective bargaining agreements).

During this initial review, you will be comparing the full range of experience and background of each applicant, based on the material provided by them, against the requisition and required competencies for the position. One good way to do this is to separate out application materials into "yes," "maybe," and "no" stacks. You can then go back and review the "yes" and "maybe" stack to further whittle down the apparent most qualified applicants. Be sure to pay attention to application forms and resumes in terms of finding "red flags," such as gaps in employment, dates that do not match sequentially, wide variations in job title, etc. These items should not necessarily rule out an applicant, but rather provide issues for further clarification should the applicant be interviewed.

An applicant who proceeds to an interview is a candidate.

For represented employees refer to the respective labor contract.

Your Employment Consultant is available to assist you.

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