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A. Scope of Recruitment

The University will recruit from both within and outside its work force to obtain qualified applicants. Outreach efforts will be made to insure that the recruitment process facilitates good faith efforts toward attainment of affirmative action goals and objectives as set forth in University affirmative action plans.

To support career progress of qualified internal candidates, internal recruitment may be utilized so long as it is consistent with equal employment and affirmative action objectives and results in a diverse pool of applicants.

B. Exceptions to Recruitment

Recruitment is not required when a position is to be filled by:

  1. demotion or lateral transfer of an employee within the same organizational unit or department;
  2. lateral transfer of an employee along with the budgetary provision for that employee's position;
  3. transfer or reemployment of an employee in accordance with PPSM 81.D, Reasonable Accommodation; PPSM 66.D, Medical Separation; PPSM 2.210, Pregnancy Disability Leave (Absence from Work); or PPSM 2.210, Family & Medical Leave (Absence from Work).
  4. a qualified employee who has become disabled;
  5. recall of a laid-off employee or placement of an employee with preference for reemployment or transfer;
  6. an employee whose responsibilities or title have changed as a result of a reorganization or reassignment of functions among positions within the same organizational unit or department;
  7. an employee who is competitively selected for a University-sponsored internship program, and upon completion of the internship and with the approval of the department head, is appointed to a vacant position for which he or she meets the minimum qualifications.

In addition, recruitment is not required when:

  1. a filled Academic or Professional and Support Staff position is transferred to a Management and Senior Professional class; or
  2. a filled Academic or Management and Senior Professional position is transferred to a Senior Management position.

The hiring authority shall consult with Campus Human Resources (CHR) before proceeding with any exception to recruitment.

C. Waiver of Recruitment

The intent of the UCLA Recruitment Waiver procedure is to ensure that recruitment will be waived only under special circumstances. This procedure does not abrogate the responsibility of hiring departments to comply with the personnel policy and union contract provisions regarding recall and preferential re-hire rights of employees on layoff status. Request for Waiver approval must be initiated in writing by the appropriate Organizational Head or designee for consideration by CHR and accompanied by the following information:

  1. An outline of the reasons for the request.
  2. An employment requisition with the classified job description (please note in the requisition's Processing Notes field that a posting waiver has been requested).
  3. The resume of the candidate or employment application completed by the candidate.
  4. Where applicable, listing of the qualified, diverse candidate pool (EEO Summary Report).

This information shall be sent to the attention of the CHR Employment Services Director and Staff Diversity Director. After their analysis and recommendations, including review of eligible layoff candidates where applicable, the request will be either approved or denied.

Upon approval of the recruitment waiver, the candidate must be moved to the Hired Bin to officially closeout the job/requisition.

1. Recruitment Waiver Criteria

a. Qualified, Diverse Candidate Pool – Within the past six months, the department conducted a full search that yielded a diverse candidate pool, and the department wishes to select a candidate from the original candidate pool for a second opening in the same job title. The waiver request letter must specify the demographic profile of the interview pool from the prior search and the qualifications of the recommended candidate.

b. Health and Safety Reasons – The delay resulting from conducting a full recruitment for the position would endanger the health and/or safety of students, staff, faculty, or patients. The waiver request letter must specify the health and safety conditions and the qualifications of the recommended candidate.

c. Business Necessity – Conducting a full recruitment would have a seriously negative impact on the operational effectiveness of a department or would violate a formal contractual obligation of the University. The waiver request letter must specify the business necessity reasons and the qualifications of the recommended candidate.

d. Prior Open Recruitment (Contract/Limited Positions Only) – The incumbent was previously selected for a contract or limited appointment through an open recruitment process.

2. Special Appointment Conditions

Circumstances warranting special consideration include those in which an organizational entity or program moves to UCLA along with specified current employees.

In such circumstances, the hiring authority shall request approval from CHR of the impending action in advance of its implementation.

D. Recruitment Procedures

1. Initiating the Employment Recruitment Process

The Department submits the job/requisition using the approved JDXpert Position Description. Upon receipt of the online requisition, the CHR Talent Acquisition & Workforce Planning unit will review the job/requisition and posts the job on the UCLA Career Opportunities website.

The Employment Services & Workforce Planning unit will work with the department to determine a recruitment plan which may include external advertising, interview assistance, and development of recruitment plans and procedures. Those requests may be indicated in the "Processing Notes" field of the requisition.

2. Posting the Vacancy

All career positions for which recruitment is to be conducted shall be posted electronically on the UCLA Careers Opportunities Website. The Employment Services & Workforce Planning unit is responsible for disseminating job vacancy information internally, and will assist in the development and coordination of advertising and outreach efforts. The Organization Head or designee is responsible for insuring that job vacancy information is available to employees within the department.

The vacancy announcement may contain a statement indicating special requirements as a condition of employment, when necessary. These requirements may include the following:

a. Conflict of Interest Statements – As required for designated positions.

b. Licenses, Certificates or Credentials – Licenses, Certificates or Credentials will be announced as required to perform all or a portion of the functions of the position.

c. Perquisites – Perquisites for meals and/or housing provided by the University as a condition of employment.

d. Medical Examination Requirements – Medical examination requirements will be announced if required.

e. Special Physical Requirements – Special job-related requirements which are essential for successful job performance, e.g., the ability to lift and carry 50-pound boxes, will be included in the vacancy announcement when indicated.

f. Educational Requirements – Job-related educational requirements may be included in the announcement where applicable.

g. Other Qualifications – Requirements such as willingness to travel, work overtime or work at night should be included when required for performance of the duties of the position.

h. Background Check – Where applicable, the posting shall include a statement that the job has been designated as a critical position and employment in the position is contingent upon completion of a satisfactory background check.

Any of these conditions of employment which are applicable to the position under recruitment shall be part of the official job description in order to be announced in the job advertisement on the UCLA Careers Opportunities website.

3. Internal Recruitment

Campuswide internal recruitment may be utilized so long as there is a qualified and diverse pool of candidates. Specific circumstances, including the objective of providing career progression opportunities for current employees, may warrant limiting the applicant pool to a diverse, qualified internal pool that would allow the hiring authority to make a meaningful choice if consistent with equal opportunity and affirmative action objectives. The hiring authority shall consult with CHR Employment Services & Workforce Planning and the Staff Affirmative Action Office before proceeding.

4. Posting Periods


Personnel Program

Minimum Posting Period

Senior Management Group (SMG) 4 weeks
Management & Senior Professionals (MSP); Information Technology Professionals (ITP) IV and above 2 weeks
Professional and Support Staff (PSS); ITP III and below 2 weeks

Collective bargaining agreements may include minimum posting periods for represented job titles.

5. Requests to Shorten the Posting Period

a. If a hiring manager wishes to reduce the established affirmative action posting period for a specific position, a written request must be submitted to the CHR Employment Services & Workforce Planning Director, for approval.

b. In reviewing requests to shorten the posting period, the CHR Employment Services & Workforce Planning Director, in consultation with the Staff Affirmative Action Director, will consider the request using the recruitment waiver guidelines noted in C. above.

6. Referral of Applicants

Applicants who meet the minimum requirements of the position are eligible for special re-employment procedures. Eligible applicants are as follows:

a. Applicants with preferential re-hire rights as defined in UC-PPSM 60 (Layoff and Reduction in Time from Professional and Support Staff Career Positions);

b. Applicants eligible for Special Reappointment as defined in UC-PPSM 66 (Medical Separation), Section D; and

c. Applicants eligible for Special Selection as defined in UC-PPSM 81 (Reasonable Accommodation), Section D.

E. Application Procedures

External and internal (current UCLA) employees may express interest in a position by submitting an online UCLA Employment Application and resume (if applicable) via the UCLA Career Opportunities Website. Internal applicants must have successfully completed their probationary period (if applicable) along with receiving a satisfactory or better rating on their performance evaluation to be eligible to apply for an open position.

In circumstances where an applicant (internal or external) has noted a prior conviction on the job application, an offer of employment should not be made until the circumstances surrounding the conviction have been discussed and resolved with CHR Employee & Labor Relations. A prior conviction will not necessarily disqualify the applicant from employment.

Applicants are able to view their application status at any time by logging into their on-line profile at the UCLA Career Opportunities website. Hiring departments are responsible for notifying applicants of their status following the interview and selection decision.