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Procedure 34 – Incentive Awards

A. General

Refer to UC-PPSM 34 (Incentive Awards)

B. Eligibility for Awards

Guidelines and procedures for implementing incentive award programs, including eligibility criteria, description of award types, timing, funding and program documentation are announced annually by Campus Human Resources (CHR). (See Deans/Directors Memo of December 26, 1996, Regarding Incentive Award Program for Fiscal Year 1996-97 [34-1] in Related Information.)

C. Local Programs

An Organization Head or designee may develop local award programs for their respective areas. Individual request for establishing local award programs should be submitted to CHR for consideration for review and approval.

The request should include the following:

  1. Purpose of the award
  2. Type of Award (for example, individual and/or group award, one-time payment and/or sustained contribution to University or work unit, budget savings idea, innovative solution to work problem, etc.
  3. Source of award funding
  4. Administrative procedures used for determining awards should include:
    1. Application/nomination procedures
    2. Review and approval process
    3. Timing of award
    4. Employee eligibility criteria

D. Incentive Award Program (IAP)

The University's IAP is funded by an employee benefits assessment made to the payroll fund sources of all eligible employees to create a campuswide pool of funds from which award payments are made. The assessment rate may vary each year and will be announced annually. (See Deans/Directors Memo of October 24, 1996, Regarding New Policy and Procedure for Funding and Paying Employee Incentive Awards [34-2] in Related Information.)