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Procedure 62 – Corrective Action – Professional & Support Staff

A. General

Supervisors shall apply necessary and appropriate corrective action whenever an employee fails to meet the required standards of conduct or performance.

B. Types of Corrective Action

When the corrective action is a written warning, approval of the supervisor's immediate superior is not required. However, where more serious corrective action than a written warning is to be imposed, e.g., salary decrease, corrective demotion, or suspension, consultation with and the approval of the supervisor's immediate superior (or that superior's designee) is required; consultation with the assigned CHR Employee Relations Consultant is also strongly recommended.

C. Written Warning

No record of corrective action may be relied upon to support the imposition of more serious corrective action for similar or related conduct where the most recent corrective action for that similar or related conduct occurred more than two (2) years prior except with respect to cases of sexual harassment or gross misconduct (e.g., fighting, etc.) in which cases no such limitation shall apply.

D. Written Notice

Refer to UC-PPSM 62 (Corrective Action for Professional and Support Staff), Section D.