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Introduction to UCLA Procedures

These UCLA Procedures were created in response to the delegations of authority granted to UC campuses under the Human Resource Management Initiatives (HRMI). The procedures serve as an adjunct to the UC Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) which were issued by the Office of the President on July 1, 1996. These procedures are to be used in concert with the UC Personnel Policies for Staff Members for all unrepresented staff employees' personnel issues.

As public sector employees, UCLA staff are considered to be employed by statute. The provisions contained in the PPSM and in these implementing procedures are designed to inform unrepresented staff employees about the expectations and entitlements of the University with regard to their employment. By authority of the Chancellor, UCLA reserves the right to amend, modify or delete these procedures at any time, and they supersede all previous staff personnel procedures.

A. Human Resources Philosophy

University of California, Los Angeles staff employees make valuable contributions in support of the University's mission of education, research, public service, and patient care. The ability to fully accomplish this mission is evidenced by our efforts to attract, retain, and motivate a highly skilled and diverse workforce that contribute to sustaining this excellence.

The effectiveness of our efforts must be judged, measured, and maintained by the results of our human resources leadership and program efforts that value employees and maximize their potential. It is our intent to maintain a workplace that is representative of innovation, flexibility, and decentralization.

B. University of California Human Resources Values and PriNCIPLES

  1. Strive for excellence
  2. Exhibit the values of honesty, integrity, collegiality, and respect for faculty, staff, students, and the public in our work and conduct.
  3. Commit to the recruitment, development, and retention of highly qualified staff.
  4. Encourage, support, reward, and recognize individual and team performance, creativity, and innovation.
  5. Enhance the University of California's human resource potential by facilitating delegation of authority, responsibility, and accountability to the most reasonable organizational and staff levels.
  6. Design programs and services that reflect the diversity of the workforce.
  7. Commit to effective employee training and development strategies to assure staff expertise and excellence.

C. Scope of Human Resources Responsibilities    

 Organizational Responsibilities

 Campus Human Resources Responsibilities

Affirmative action goals and equal employment requirementsAffirmative action reporting and analysis
RecruitmentHuman Resources policy interpretation and administration
SelectionCollective bargaining and contract interpretation and administration
Reasonable accommodationJob classification and salary administration
Online (EDB) personnel transactionsOnline (EDB) personnel and benefits transaction auditing
Performance managementBenefits administration
Complaint resolutionArbitration and grievance handling
Employee developmentTraining and development programs
 Employee assistance programs
 Notifies campus of changes in the Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures

D. Delegation of Authority

The President has delegated the responsibility and accountability for the management of staff human resources to the Chancellor. This responsibility has been re-delegated to Campus and Medical Center Human Resources. Each campus Organizational Unit, as defined in the Campus Organizational Hierarchy, is accountable for managing its own human resources.

The Head of each Organizational Unit may re-delegate the overall human resources management responsibility for developing an appropriate structure for handling the unit's day-to-day human resources needs to a department head or chief administrative officer. Re-delegations of authority shall be made in writing to a particular position rather than to a named individual. Copies of the re-delegation shall be provided to the Assistant Vice Chancellor, Campus Human Resources.

E. Principles of Human Resources Responsibility and Accountability

  1. A person cannot delegate greater responsibility or accountability than s/he has.
  2. Responsibilities shall only be delegated to people who are qualified to perform them, and a qualified person must:
    1. be actively involved in the tasks being performed,
    2. have the appropriate knowledge and technical skills to perform these tasks, including knowledge  of relevant regulations and policies, and
    3. have the authority to carry them out.
  3. A person delegating responsibilities must ensure that these tasks are being properly performed.
  4. The responsible person must periodically ensure that:
    1. each person assigned tasks that involve human resources accountability is performing her/his duties with competence, confidentiality, and honesty.
    2. appropriate documentation is being collected and maintained.
  5. The head of each Organizational Unit is responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of the human resources activities.
  6. The head of each Organizational Unit must periodically review the official record of who is accountable for the various human resources functions

F. Principles of Human Resources Management

Principle 1

Equity in Employment, Advancement and Compensation in accordance with Sections 12-24 of the UC Personnel Policies for Staff Members.

Principle 2

Confidentiality. Any personnel-related documents will be kept confidential. Any personnel-related proceedings will be shared with participants and their representatives and responsible University administrators on a need-to-know basis. Confidentiality shall be respected in accordance with the UC Personnel Policies and UCLA Procedures.

Principle 3 

Due Process. UCLA employees and supervisors will be made aware of appropriate policies, procedures and assistance available to them in resolving conflict in accordance with Section 70 of the UC Personnel Policies for Staff Members and appropriate UCLA Procedures.

Principle 4

Access to Employee Development. Supervisors will assist and support employees in designing development plans that best meet their needs as a University employee. Whenever possible, funds and release time should be made available to employees. Reference: Policy 50 of the UC Personnel Policies for Staff Members. 

Principle 5

Maintenance of Appropriate Personnel Documentation. All personnel-related decisions, understandings and actions will be documented in writing, and should be defensible in an audit situation.