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Procedure 51 Employee Development – Reduced-Fee Enrollment


The employee and supervisor are encouraged to discuss professional and career development objectives, review available opportunities, and determine appropriate options based on consideration of operational and budgetary needs. 

The following options are encouraged in support of employee development.

1. UC Reduced Fee Enrollment

a.) Any regular status (non-probationary) career employee or eligible retiree [1] who meets the admission requirements of the University may receive the Reduced Fee Enrollment benefit.  This benefit does not apply to self supporting degree programs. [2] Those employees eligible may enroll at a two-thirds reduction of the University Registration and Education Fee for undergraduate or graduate level regular session courses during the fall, winter and spring quarters for up to three (3) courses or nine (9) units per quarter, whichever is greater [3]. [Note: If the employee registers for more than three courses and more than nine units in any quarter, the employee will be deemed ineligible for reduced fee enrollment and will be required to either pay the full fees or to reduce the course schedule/units.]

b.) The employee must satisfy the University of California residency requirement; otherwise, the employee is subject to the full non-resident fee. A waiver of the non-resident fee is not available. 

c.) The employee must meet the admission requirements of the University and have gained admission to regular session University classes while working at the University. 

d.) Reduced Fee Enrollment Processing Procedures:

            I. The employee must apply for admissions by contacting the UCLA Office of Admissions to obtain appropriate forms and information for entrance.

            II. Upon confirmation of admission to the University, the employee shall complete an Employee Reduced Fee Enrollment   Application and forward it to CHR’s Policy Services unit. The employee may consult UC PPSM 51.Reduced Fee Enrollment   and/or contact CHR's Policy Services unit for information. After review and verification of eligibility, the online Billing and Accounts Receivable (BAR) system will be updated to apply the appropriate reduction

e.) As a follow-up, the supervisor is encouraged to discuss with the employee completion of the course(s) and any departmental arrangement supporting the employee's participation in this activity.

2. Other UCLA Educational Benefits

UCLA Extension courses may be taken at a reduced fee. Contact University Extension for enrollment and registration procedures. Other educational benefits are available to employees through concurrent enrollment and In-Service Training and Development courses through CHR's Staff and Organizational Development unit. 

a.) UCLA Extension

     I. An employee who is employed at least 50 percent time may be eligible to take University Extension courses at a 25 percent discount, subject to the maximum discount and minimum course fee as provided by the Offices of University Extension.

     II. The employee must contact University Extension (UNEX) for registration information.

     III. The department may choose to recharge the course fee to a departmental fund if the course is work-related. 

b.) University In-Service Training and Development Courses

      I. With the approval of the employee's supervisor/manager, an employee may take University In-Service courses offered by the Campus Human Resources.

     II. The employee may consult the CHR Training and Development unit's on-line information about enrollment procedures. 



[1] Eligible retirees include employees who have retired within four months of the date of separation from University service and who are annuitants of a retirement system to which the University contributes, and who meet the admission requirements of the University.

[2] Self-supporting degree programs are not eligible for reduced fees under PPSM 51. A current list includes but is not limited to: Educational Leadership Program (EdD), Executive MBA Program (EMBA), Master of Laws (LLM), Master of Public Health for Health Professionals (MPHHP), Professional Program for International Dentists (PPID), UCLA-NUS Executive MBA, MS Engineering (online), MSN in Nursing Administration (online), and the Master of Financial Engineering.  

[3] Employees in Nurse titles may be eligible to take additional courses or greater units per quarter. Please contact Campus Human Resources or Health System Human Resources for details.