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Procedure 35 – Protective Clothing, Equipment & Uniforms

A. General

  1. Protective work clothing is attire worn over, or in place of, regular clothing to protect the employee's clothing from damage or abnormal soiling or to maintain a sanitary environment and includes such items as serving aprons, laboratory coats or dresses, shop coats and surgical gowns.
  2. Safety equipment protects the employee and includes such items as head covers, gloves, goggles, prescription safety glasses, safety shoes, handguns, batons and handcuffs.
  3. Uniforms are attire, excluding shoes, which are worn for the purpose of ready visual identification of personnel, such as those used in the police, parking, and guard occupations. Uniform components include items such as shirts, ties, pants, dresses, skirts, blouses and jackets which are of the same design, color and style.

B. Authority

The Department Head or designee shall recommend the use of uniforms. If protective work clothing and safety equipment is required, the Department Head or designee shall consult with Environmental Health and Safety in order to maintain a safe working environment.

The Organization Head or designee shall authorize expenditures for protective work clothing, safety equipment and uniform replacement allowances within campus guidelines.

C. Protective Work Clothing & Safety Equipment

Protective work clothing and safety equipment, except prescription lenses and sized safety shoes, which were provided to an employee by the University for use on the job, shall be returned upon completion of the assignment. University-provided items lost or damaged due to employee negligence shall be replaced at the employee's expense. University-provided items damaged or worn out in the performance of duties shall be repaired or replaced by the University. An employee required to wear prescription safety glasses will pay for the medical eye examinations. The University shall supply the safety lenses and frames.

D. Uniform Replacement Allowance

When a uniform is required by the University, an employee may be responsible at the time of employment for the purchase of uniform components as specified by the Organization Head or designee. A uniform replacement allowance may be paid to each employee on an annual basis or in intervals determined by the Organization Head or designee. The allowance is meant to cover the actual cost of the required uniform and will be funded from local resources. The Organization Head or designee consult with the CHR Employee/Labor Relations office prior to establishing, changing, or eliminating uniform allowances so that local HEERA notice to affected employees and interested employee organizations can take place. Such notice shall provide an opportunity for questions and comments in advance of the proposed implementation date.

E. Maintenance of Protective Clothing, Equipment and Uniforms

The Organization Head or designee determines the method and frequency of maintenance and cleaning of protective clothing, equipment and uniforms.